Time Poor Mountain Strength

It’s best to do this short session directly after your runs were advised in the program. This helps you recruit more muscle fibres to do the work. It also help you develop the strength needed in the later stages of your races and adventures. This is form under duress. And potentially more importantly there is a a huge mental toughness development aspect.  

The Session

2-3x rounds of the below (move from one exercise to the next):

Continuous SL Step Ups 30”-1’ left leg
30sec rest

Continuous SL Step Ups 30”-1’ right leg
30sec rest

DB Push Up-Row 30” AMRAP (OR Push Up if no DB’s)
30sec rest

SL Dead Lift (DB in hand of standing leg) 30” AMRAP each leg (no rest between legs)

30sec rest
Plank 1min

5:30 – 6:30 per round.

* The videos below show you how too. They don’t show total amount of reps as indicated above. 

1. SL Step Ups (Left, then Right)

2. Push Up Row

3. SA DB SL Deadlift

4. Plank