The Endurance Specific Podcast #18 – What we CAN learn from Ants

Every single one of us is going to face challenges both big and small and even seemingly insurmountable.

And there are going to be a myriad of challenges you’re going to have to overcome in order to get anywhere near your ‘life’ potential.

There will be sacrifice challenges, there will be injury and health challenges, there will be life circumstance challenges, there will be motivational challenges, there will be many a mental challenge and the list will go on and on.

The challenges we are all facing right now can seem overwhelming.

The problem is that we’re probably the only organism on earth that truly seeks comfort. We prefer to look for ‘outs’ from the daily struggle instead of embracing it.

We need to lean into the struggles. Embrace them, learn from them and move through them.

If we look to nature – it’s glaringly obvious that life is not easy at all.

Life is HARD and that’s ok.

Nature can give us some great lessons. Today is a short podcast on what we can learn from ANTS.


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