The Endurance Specific Podcast #11 – No BS way to get good part 1

Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I kick off part one of the No BS way to get good, no matter the endurance training you do. We cover things like what you are avoiding, the 5 simple things to change your outcomes and we go into each of those to help you better understand the mechanics and why each is important. We also look into something I believe I and many others are wrong with promoting this specific thought path and to wrap up part once we look at tiredness. It’s a fact of life as an endurance athlete but we show you how you are likely killing your chances of success through the justifications we give ourselves in a subjective manner.

If you are committed to getting good. Here is the no BS way to put you on the path.


music by @insilicosound


The myth of 1% better every day



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