Trail Running Plan Resources

Below you’ll find all the supporting documents and resources to help you on your journey towards Run Comfy Numb. 

Click on each heading below to access the documents/videos. If you have any questions regarding the plan please email me at kristian (at) endurancespecific.com. 

Intuitive Intensity Guidelines

The intuitive intensity guidelines are based on decades of experience and at all levels of athletes. It’s going to take some time to begin to truly tune into your body’s signals and this avoids one-dimensional training.

Yes, you can use tools to help you quantify your efforts but you are inherently your best heart rate and power meter. Training by feel is simply one of the most important things you learn.

When you do, training falls nicely into place because you end up training at the right intensities asked for each day versus trying to train at ‘shoulds’ i.e easy ‘should’ be X pace and so on.

The training intensity levels described within are structured by how you feel on any given day. This teaches you to use intuition and understand your body and its signals. Our inner technology is extremely sophisticated and accurate, we just have to tune back into it.

Trigger Point Massage – Ultimate 6

I was one of Trigger Point Performance Therapy’s first master trainers and I used to distribute the products in Australia. I originally got a kit in 2002 and it was integral to me getting over ITB syndrome and also allowing me to recover quickly and improve performance. I still haven’t found rollers that can do the job and also the programming element makes it much more effective. (See Trigger Point Massage document with videos linked above).

Soft Tissue work is basically self massage. We can effectively look after our muscles and greatly help with re-creating our optimal biomechanics using proven effective tools like the TP Therapy Performance Tools.

Doing your own soft tissue work allows you to get so much more done as it’s time efficient. You’ll learn to feel changes in your muscle tissue, what good tissue feels like as opposed to not so good tissue and the payoff is substantial when you take that responsibility.

We can create healthy muscle tissue by:

  • Taking out the built up tension in the muscles created by training, sitting in chairs, incorrect posture and day to day living.
  • Allowing you to regain lost elasticity within the muscles by force feeding oxygen and blood flow into the muscles.
  • Opening up neurological pathways.

The Daily Reset 

4 exercises and 3 minutes to will improve how you move. 

These RESET movements make both hemispheres of the brain communicate more effectively and lay down new neural connections thus making the brain efficient. Further to that there are improvements in neural connections between the brain and the body. With daily resets – we stimulate our proprioceptors, our vestibular system (balance, awareness of our body in space, and our tissue). We reinforce good foundational patterns and improve our movement vocabulary through neural efficiency. They also help remove waste from the system and open up tight joints.

Reset Videos

Stretching and Yoga Options

The above links to some stretching and yoga resources we use for ourselves and our athletes. We love to combine self myofascial release with the trigger point tools and stretching for optimal results. 

The key is to consistently make this part of your routine. We spend a lot of time developing the engine but we do need to spend time on the chassis and that is done with rolling and stretching. 

Important Documents 

Daily Nutrition 

Daily Hydration

Long Run Fuelling | Hydration Guide 

RCN Race Week Essentials

RCN Race Day Tips