Mountain Strength

It’s best to do this short session directly after your runs were advised in the program. This helps you recruit more muscle fibres to do the work. It also help you develop the strength needed in the later stages of your races and adventures. This is form under duress. And potentially more importantly there is a a huge mental toughness development aspect.  

The Session


Static Forward Lunge (10x each leg)

Alternating Rear Lunge (10x on each leg, alternating)

REST 30sec

Single-Leg Rear Touch Lunge (15x on each leg)

REST 30sec

Single-Leg Step-Ups Without Rest (30 seconds to 1 minute each leg)

REST 30sec


10x pushups

10x inverted rows (TRX or Bar) or renegade rows

1x 1-minute front plank

1x 30sec side plank (both sides)

– rest 5 seconds between exercises and 30 seconds sets.

Finish with legs swings 10x forward/backward and 10x side to side each leg

* The videos below show you how too. They don’t show total amount of reps as indicated above. 


Static Lunge

Reverse Alternating Lunge

Reverse SL Lunge

SL Steps Ups

Upper Body + Core Circuit

Push Ups

Inverted Row (Bar or TRX)


Side Planks

Leg Swings