Kristian Manietta

Over the past 15 years I have helped hundreds of endurance athletes achieve and even greatly surpass their goals using methods both traditional and unconventional, all the while doing the same for myself across different sports (Ironman Triathlon, Ultra Running, Snowboarding/Skiing, Mountain biking and other endurance challenges).

I have been fortunate and have had the opportunity to talk shop,  train with and train a number of phenomenal coaches in different sports and also do the same with a number of top professionals and age groupers in endurance to get a thorough understanding of how they get good… 

I've been coached by Kristian for years now. I hope for many more! He really is a rare find. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge on all things endurance and an amazing coach. His nuggets of wisdom on living life to the max, adopting an anything is possible mindset and helping develop grit and resilience. Dedication, discipline and persistence till your goals are reached. Having quality time with my wife and boys is hands down my priority, under his guidance, I really feel I have the right balance for everything in my life. All the while, loving my sport and getting some great race results at the same time. I can't recommend him enough.
Paul Kelly

Charlotte Paul

Triathlon totally changed my life in that I went from someone who lacked self-confidence, was devastatingly shy, felt lost and like I’d achieved nothing in life to someone who achieved something to be proud of. My triathlon career was a journey of transformation for which I am so grateful.

My win in Busselton, Western Australia in 2007 in a record setting 9.00.55 was probably my career highlight, while my Ironman China win on my birthday in 2009 was perhaps my greatest achievement in terms of overcoming the adversity of the day, 40+ degrees c, combined with being in my best ever shape and having a winning attitude. My run was definitely a great example of flow state fuelled by determination.

I want to make sure my athletes are positively impacted by endurance sports and that they add to their lives for the betterment of them and their families. It’s about chasing personal goals by improving daily habits and achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I started with Trispecific coaching back in 2017. One year following a disastrous first Ironman where I almost didn't finish and crawled to the line at 16:20. I was completely under trained physically and mentally. Referred to them by a friend, I’ve been working with Charlotte and Kristian for the last 4 Ironman races and have pr’d all four Ironmans losing more than 4 hours In the process. I appreciate their directness, professionalism and perfectly blending the line of pushing me all the while knowing when to be supportive when things aren’t perfect. I have many more Ironman races in the future and look forward to working with Trispecific now Endurance Specific through them all.
Chu Pak
Arlington, VA