I am Kristian

I like doing hard things. Even better, I like doing them with great people. 

Make memories. 

I’ve always led a life of sport and while I have been gifted with coordination and an ability to quickly pick up most sports. Real success has never come easy. It’s taken a lot of hard work and unreasonable belief. Simply a why not attitude. 

Thankfully I screwed up a dreamed about lifestyle of being a pro snowboarder. How? I lost my self belief and confidence due to a destructive inner narrative. 

This taught me a valuable life lesson and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It was years later that I grasped the reality of that inner narrative and the realisation I could ‘simply’ change the script. 

It was that moment that took me from an 11:27 Ironman time and put me on the path towards an 8:57 Ironman time and Kona qualifier. 

That lesson on the power of our inner narrative coupled with my lifelong desire to learn, to question why, to apply what I learned, to make mistakes and fail led me to training methods that worked. To create training systems that allow us to accelerate performances and not destroy health and have ultimately helped hundreds of athletes from all walks of life achieve outstanding success. 

I’ve had the fortune to coach athletes from simply finishing events, to achieving their best times, to world championship qualifications, to podiums and world champion titles. 

The experiences, the friendships, and seeing the formation of self belief in our athletes is priceless. 

My purpose in life is to support endurance athletes like you, to break through your boundaries. I won’t sugar coat what it takes, I’m a go-getter and want to see people succeed. Period.

I love what I do. 

Suspend disbelief and develop grit, resilience and the best life affirming narrative of 

I Can. I Will
End of Story. 

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“Success always demands a greater effort.” Winston Churchill


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