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Welcome to the Endurance Specific Half Iron Distance Blueprint.

Note: If you purchased the advanced version of the Half Ironman Blueprint, there is an assumption that you are not starting from zero. If you are, we highly recommend you use our 8 week ‘Triathlon Training Prep Plan’ first as that will get you ready to undertake this plan.

Firstly we want to say a big Thank You for purchasing this Half Iron Distance Blueprint training program. We’re truly grateful for your belief in our coaching philosophy and we intend to do whatever we can to strengthen that. Because when we wholeheartedly believe in what we’re doing, great things happen.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. To be remarkable in anything, simply ACT with the intention of being remarkable. This ‘little’ mind shift will help you be successful in your Ironman® adventures.  

You’re about to begin a journey, a journey that many a blueprint athlete has already begun and succeeded greatly at. Your journey will ultimately lead you to a great race finish from following the plan and advice within, but it’s so much more than that. What you have done is made an awesome investment into yourself.

You see we believe that we need to invest in ourselves daily to live a great life. So this is not just a training plan. It’s more than that. It’s a blueprint to being a successful athlete and to us that means that you can get extraordinary performances while building extraordinary health, having fun and still having a life. Being a triathlete should be a part of who you are, it should not define who you are. 

You have invested in yourself by creating better health via training for an Half Iron distance race. Health is actually one of the two most important resources in our life. Exceptional health gives us the physical energy we need to do all of our daily tasks to the best level that we can. The other resource is mental focus. With mental focus (and strength) on the task at hand we get so much more done in life. Over the weeks, you’ll be developing your mental focus (and strength) in training, so you’ll have this important skill set when it comes to game day.

By keeping focused on the task, in the moment means we get better performances. As soon as our minds drift off task, we slow down, the task gets harder and we don’t achieve what it was that we set out to achieve. FOCUS.

Before we dive in, we want to thank you again and would like to take the opportunity to ask that, if you find value in this Half Iron Distance Blueprint that you could help spread the word by recommending Endurance Specific Coaching & Training Plans

Below are all the additional resources that will help you get the most out the Endurance Specific Half Iron Distance Blueprint.



Below you’ll find all the supporting documents and resources to help you on your journey towards your races. 

If you have any questions regarding the plans please email me at kristian (at) endurancespecific.com. 

Intuitive Intensity Guidelines

Trigger Point Massage – Ultimate6

The Daily Reset 

Reset Videos

Stretching and Yoga Options

Daily Nutrition & Hydration

Long Session & Race Fuelling

Test Drive the Body

Sick? What to do. 


Race Week Essentials

Race Day Tips