Cassidy Phillips
ESP 351 – Cassidy Phillips

On todays episode of the Endurance Specific Podcast I chat self myofascial release, life, business, and more with my mate Cassidy Phillips who made his mark with the revolutionary therapeutic company TriggerPoint Performance. 

Combining his skills as an athlete, trainer, and biomechanical specialist with his passion for empowering others, Cassidy built TriggerPoint into a global brand that generated more than $60 million in sales while reaching over eighty countries.

Today, Cassidy puts his self-taught expertise to use as a consultant, venture capitalist, philanthropist, speaker and Pickle Ball Player! He has dedicated his life to empowering those who are in need of a greater quality of life. He is an involved father and passionate husband and continues to live out his purpose-driven life.

Check out his book “Blissful Ignorance: The Art of Being an Entrepreneur” on Amazon or your favourite book store. 

Also if you are into Pickleball, check out his new PickleStrong eyewear made after nearly losing his eye playing the sport! 


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