Daily Reset

These four exercises that will improve your life. Big claim… yes I know. But as we grow up and sit way too much and don’t move how we should, we lose our ability to move efficiently and effectively. 

This hurts performance but it also keeps us in pain. These RESET movements make both hemispheres of the brain communicate more effectively and lay down new neural connections thus making the brain efficient. Further to that there are improvements in neural connections between the brain and the body. 

With daily resets – we stimulate our proprioceptors, our vestibular system (balance, awareness of our body in space, and our tissue). We reinforce good foundational patterns and improve our movement vocabulary through neural efficiency. 

They also help remove waste from the system and open up tight joints. 

Before you start every session, you should be HIT RESET – these quickly prime the body for the session, switching on your Central Nervous System, elevating your Heart Rate, engaging core musculature and increasing brain function. 

Remember that this is really about prevention, not cure. By making these a daily habit, you are preventing the onset of deep-set fatigue and possible injury.

These help make you bulletproof. 

Stupidly easy and it only takes about 3 minutes. You do have the time. 

Get started now, you’ll thank me for it just like I thank Geoff Neupert from Original Strength who first showed me these in a hotel gym in upstate New York back in 2013.

You can download a PDF of the exercises here.