You said that there are no shortcuts in getting better in triathlon, but I feel like we’re on the “fast track”. 9:28 within 3 years from 11:47. Your plans and coaching are working mate.
Tomas Korab
Small Business Owner

Coaching is both science and art. We are all red meat computers and what that means is we have the ability to continually develop our aerobic capacity (the physical) and just as importantly our mental strength. 

We understand the frustration of overly complicated training and plans that don’t line up with our life circumstances or where we are starting from. 

Each athlete is an individual and thus may need to start with different focuses. Planning takes time, and an understanding of matching your desired outcomes with your life circumstances. Not to mention the adjustments based on feedback, illness, injury that require knowledge and time in the trenches experience. 

Coaching is much more than writing plans, and adjusting them. Coaching works when the relationship is built on trust and transparency.  And one thing we have found true over the years is when athletes answer this question with a committed yes.

Will you make the coaching worthwhile for you? 

Big things happen. 

Together we create your best times. 

We offer two coaching options to fit most budgets and needs and we also offer many different Training Plans



With our Premier 1:1 coaching we work with our athletes to lay out the steps required to achieve the stated goals. With an understanding that real performance takes time. 

At Endurance Specific we understand that data is important, but so is the written feedback. When it comes our athletes logs we are somewhat anal about the written word feedback because we understand that data only tells part of the story. 

Due to the very involved nature of this coaching relationship we can only take on a small number of athletes per year. 

Coaching includes: 

  • Full one to one coaching and plans based on life circumstances, strengths/limiters, goals. We get all this via an in depth questionnaire and our initials talks.
  • Your training is planned out 1-2 weeks at a time.
  • Nutrition (day to day advice, training, racing or big adventure needs).
  • Strength plans.
  • Body maintenance routines and advice.
  • Race, Big Adventure, Challenge planning and debriefs.
  • Daily feedback within Training log (with the exception of weekends).
  • Unlimited adjustments to training plan.
  • Access to us via text (whatsApp for international) / phone (FaceTime etc) / email and through Training Peaks Log “post activity comments”.
  • *For Triathletes, advice from seeing you swim, bike set up.

Premier 1:1 Coaching by application


This is our more budget friendly coaching. You get weekly feedback / accountability via Training Peaks and we go over and respond to your “post activity comments and uploads” and give feedback and make potential adjustments to the plan.

  • Your training plans based on life circumstances, strengths/limiters, goals (through an in-depth questionnaire)
  • Your training is planned out 1-2 weeks at a time
  • nutritional advice based off of a food journal
  • Weekly feedback within Training log (with the exception of weekends)
  • 1x weekly adjustments to training if needed
  •  *For Triathletes, advice from seeing you swim, bike set up. 
  • Race, Big Adventure, Challenge planning and debriefs.

$150/mth USD (coaching accountability) / 6 month minimum. 

Endurance Specific Coaching

Endurance Specific + Coaching ($150/mth coaching)

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A cost-effective customized training plan.

Why customized and not simply “buy our Training plans”? Well we have sold our plans for years and while they work and work exceptionally well when followed. However, the biggest issue is we lay out our best plans but that doesn’t always fit your life circumstances or where you are starting from. Thus while the framework of the plan is great, the application and thus the execution of the plan may not be great and thus won’t give you the best possible outcome. 

When the plan is changed. It’s not the plan! 

While you won’t get the accountability with our coaching options above, you will get a custom training plan that is designed to fit your life circumstances and where you are starting from i.e. your training experience. 

The biggest problem athletes face when building out their own plans is FOMO. You build out a plan and then an article comes out with this must do session. So you add that in, then you read something else and are like hmmm, maybe I need that too. Now you have a plan of confusion and instead of having something based on solid fundamental and that works within the confines of your life ie. a straight line from A to B, you are zig zagging your way or worse chasing your tail. 

Our Endurance Specific customized plans avoid that. 

If you’re new to training, or you don’t have the time or expertise to lay out your own plan, our 16-20 week event specific plans are for you.  

Our custom plans aren’t only just for triathlon or ultra running. We have created custom plans for multi-day endurance adventures, gravel races, gran fondos, everesting (bike and run) challenges and more. If you have any questions, get in touch with me at kristian at

Endurance Specific Coaching

Custom Training Plan

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Don’t need a custom plan? Check out pre built Training Plans


One on one call with Kristian or Charlotte

We will answer any specific questions you may have and make every effort to ensure you are getting the most out of your training. This is useful for help setting up a training plan, having a mid-plan check in, modifying a training plan to accommodating an unexpected illness. Schedule a call if you need help deciding between a custom training plan and coaching, if you sign up for coaching we waive the consult fee.

  • – $50/ USD half-hour.
  • – Half-hour minimum.
  • – We will bill you at a rate of $25/15-minutes for time over 30 minutes.

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