I am a retired professional triathlete, now mum, coach and trail runner. I’m a 2 x Ironman Champion, and multiple time 70.3 Ironman Champion.

I took up triathlon in 2002 when I felt total apathy at work and needed to find something that I felt was missing in my life.

My only lifetime ambition had been to run a marathon. I’d watched the London Marathon live and that seemed like a really big thing to me and extremely alluring as a teenage runner. At age 29 I set out to find a running club. In my searching I found triathlon clubs, and they looked a whole lot more exciting. By extreme fortune the local Bondi Tri Club President was one of the most energetic and encouraging people I’ve ever met. If he hadn’t been so enthusiastic, perhaps events would have taken a different turn! Kristian and I joined the club and started this journey together.

Of course we were total newbies and had no idea what we were doing, but we were hooked! My lofty goals that first year were to complete some sprint triathlons- nothing more! I attended a talk by a local female triathlon legend-Teresa Rider- she had raced in the World Champs in Hawaii but in her first Ironman she swam breaststroke! My interest piqued! I could swim freestyle…I’d never been to Hawaii, and that sounded amazing!

As an age group athlete I found quick success and unbelievably within 2 years I was in my first Professional Ironman race. Still so new to the sport my career was an experiment in trial and error. I found Ironman addictive and challenging but also a distance that suited me. In my time as a triathlete I competed in 23 Ironman races all around the world, and earned a wealth of experience along the way.

I trained under various philosophies that shaped my beliefs on training methodology, experiencing first hand the good, the bad and the ugly! In my final years of racing I was coached by my husband Kristian for whom I was a fantastic guinea pig! Our coach/athlete/husband/wife relationship worked surprisingly well! And made my success extremely rewarding for the both of us.

My triathlon career was a journey of transformation for which I am so grateful. My daily habits, nutrition and self belief all changed. Training for triathlons changed my life entirely. I loved the routine, looking for ways to be better and the camaraderie amongst my training partners.

My win in Busselton, Western Australia in 2007 in a record setting 9.00.55 was probably my career highlight. Yes, missing the 9 hour barrier by a slim 55 seconds! But honestly at the time that was not at all on my radar, just winning my first Ironman was mind blowing. It was my favourite race. I raced there 6 years in a row, placing on the podium 4 times. I progressed on that course from a 9.40 something in 2004 and 5th place, to 9 hours and my very first and extremely rewarding win in 2007. Coming back to this race year after year drove me to become an athlete capable of winning. But most importantly it made me work constantly on my ability to believe I could win. 

Now I’m a mum living in the mountains in Canada. I still love training for endurance sports, trail running, XC skiing, mountain biking and gravel riding. I realise now that I’m an athlete for life.

As a coach I really enjoy helping to guide those who want to embark on the amazing journey endurance training is. I make sure my athletes are positively impacted by endurance sports and that it adds to their lives for the betterment of them and their families. It’s about chasing personal goals by improving daily habits and achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I love coaching anyone who has an open mind and a willingness to do things differently. To be able to impact someone’s life positively is an amazing feeling! 

Whether you want to race or complete challenges, I’m here to guide, support and cheer you all the way.

“One of the only true shortcuts in life is finding an expert and apprenticing under them.” James Clear

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