The Endurance Specific Podcast #20 – Hacking your way to Race Success

Today Charlotte and I talk about the ideology of hacks that make us believe there is some form of shortcut towards the outcomes we want. We also cover the uncertainty that many athletes are going through in their training for races right now. And the ultimate question. Is it worth it when we don’t know […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #19 – Set Them and Get Them Goals

Today we talk about setting and getting goals. We use a different framework than the typical SMART goals process. Regardless of the system. We need to set them to get them. Goals that are set with commitment give us focus. As we speak about, your goals don’t need to be for races just to train […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #18 – What we CAN learn from Ants

Every single one of us is going to face challenges both big and small and even seemingly insurmountable. And there are going to be a myriad of challenges you’re going to have to overcome in order to get anywhere near your ‘life’ potential. There will be sacrifice challenges, there will be injury and health challenges, […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #17 – I AM I CAN

Our biggest obstacle will always be ourselves, but we can get out of our own way by developing our belief systems through the process of I AM statements and WORK. I won’t lie… I bring the excitement in this podcast. I love this platform and I really want to use it to help you not […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #16 – Vo2 Max, FTP BS and How Not to Fade

Today we are back talking the NO bullshit ways to get good and stay good. We talk about misunderstanding Vo2Max… why focusing on increasing your FTP isn’t your best focus and something way more important. How to not fade in the backend of racing. All this also wrapped up in a listener question about developing […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #14 – Complexity is Not the Answer

We need to stop buying into complexity is the way. We see way too many people undervaluing simplicity. Simple doesn’t make it easy. But keeping things simple is the pathway to getting really good at endurance sports. Today Charlotte and I give you the main simple and required things you must do if you care […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #13 – How to Show Up Matters

Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I again continue the No BS way to get good… I give you a little proud parent moment that shows a level of commitment that we can learn from. We also talk about decoupling your big hairy audacious goals from the calendar and why it’s not always good to […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #11 – No BS way to get good part 1

Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I kick off part one of the No BS way to get good, no matter the endurance training you do. We cover things like what you are avoiding, the 5 simple things to change your outcomes and we go into each of those to help you better understand the […]