The Endurance Specific Podcast #32 – Triathlon Swimming

Hey guys and gals, This week Charlotte and I discuss the importance of swim training for triathlon and we go over what most important especially for those neophyte (adult onset) swimmers. You’ll learn what tools we use and how to use them effectively, what to focus on for a great powerful swim stroke and more. […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #31 – Giving Up

Hey guys and gals, It’s been a busy last couple of weeks (for a reason) and I won’t lie I’ve been frustrated a whole bunch and have felt like giving up. I know, we’ve all felt like it at times. You put in the time, you put in the effort, you are doing the work […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #30 – Run Fast Off The Bike

Hey guys and gals Today we are continuing on with the Triathlon stuff. More specifically how to run fast off the bike. Every triathlete wants to run faster off the bike… We cover one very important triathlon skill set you’d be best on developing and a couple of helpful tips. Enjoy Mentioned in the show […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #29 – Become a Stronger Faster Biker

Hey, guys today we are going back to our roots and talking Triathlon specifically long course. Half ironmans and full Ironmans… And even more specifically the problems I see around what we believe is the simplest discipline to improve with. The Bike. We cover a few main reasons your bike results may be stagnant and […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #28 – Developing Intuitive Feedback Skills

Hey guys Charlotte and I today are talking about the importance of developing intuitive feedback skills and the need to base your training intensities off of an intuitive path using simplicity. These are the most important things you can grasp, understand and implement for your endurance training. That is no hyperbole. This is based on facts […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #27 – Making Training & Racing More Enjoyable

Today’s podcast is simply about making our training, our races, and our adventures simply more enjoyable.  We see too much unhappiness when everything is simply about the result. Place or times achieved. These data points are important but there is something much more important that needs to be discussed and that is what we discuss […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #23 – Desired Outcomes

Today Charlotte and I talk about desired outcomes and the talk is about a James Clear quote which has some solid questions we need to be asking ourselves to see if our current choices can carry us to our desired future. This show is bought to you by Endurance Specific Training Plans This show is […]