The Endurance Specific Podcast #14 – Complexity is Not the Answer

We need to stop buying into complexity is the way. We see way too many people undervaluing simplicity. Simple doesn’t make it easy. But keeping things simple is the pathway to getting really good at endurance sports. Today Charlotte and I give you the main simple and required things you must do if you care […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #13 – How to Show Up Matters

Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I again continue the No BS way to get good… I give you a little proud parent moment that shows a level of commitment that we can learn from. We also talk about decoupling your big hairy audacious goals from the calendar and why it’s not always good to […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #11 – No BS way to get good part 1

Today on the podcast, Charlotte and I kick off part one of the No BS way to get good, no matter the endurance training you do. We cover things like what you are avoiding, the 5 simple things to change your outcomes and we go into each of those to help you better understand the […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #10 – Marcus Leach

Before the Christmas break, I got the chance to speak with Marcus Leach. You might be wondering who Marcus is. Marcus is amongst other things, an ultra cyclist, a freelance writer, a husband, a dad (of two young kids), and a lover of the mountains and challenging his limits. Marcus has ridden the 3 grand […]

2020 was it all bad?

2020 can be looked at as a Shit year! But was it all bad? When we reflect, which we need to do on all things in life. It wasn’t all bad. But I’m not going to lie to you and say it was all rosy here. Even though we didn’t have it as bad a […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #9 – Don Schwartz

This week I chat with Don Schwartz. It’s a must-listen if you are looking to develop that mental edge. You most likely won’t of heard of Don Schwartz. I met Don last year as I coached his youngest daughter in a ski program here in Whistler. Don is a mountain guide, was one of the […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #8 – Simple Effective Nutrition

This week Charlotte and I sit down and talk about Nutrition and coming back to simplicity. No extremes, just focusing on the three macronutrients we need for health, fitness, and performance. If you’re committed to getting the most out of your life by keeping healthy so you can be as fit and resilient as possible. […]

The Endurance Specific Podcast #7 – Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome

This week Charlotte and I sit down and talk about Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome (ADS), what it is, how it comes about, and what you can and should do about it. We follow along from the pacing podcast and also discuss a couple of zones that as endurance athletes you need to be focusing on the […]