100 Miler Advanced Ultra Plan Notes

Welcome to the Endurance Specific 100m advanced ultra plan.

By grabbing this advance 100 miler plan, there is an assumption that you are not starting from zero. If you are, we highly recommend you use our 8 week ‘Run Anything Prep Plan’ that will get you ready to undertake this plan.

Regardless this plan starts with focusing on further developing your aerobic system and allowing your soft tissue to develop the resiliency they need to handle the demands you place upon them.

Heart and lungs develop quicker than our soft tissue and that is a cause of niggles and full blown injuries when they aren’t yet prepared.

By following this program and the supplemental body maintenance techniques and nutrition/hydration practices we advise it will all help develop the resilience you need to race well but also improve your overall health.

We develop the training routine over these opening weeks. While sessions change, and progress throughout your training over this plan, there is a significant amount of repetition. The key is not to under value the role of repetition. It helps with the acquisition of motor skills, the ability to keep form under duress and allows you to focus on the training and dilute the distractions (noise).

The simple rules are show up, work hard and listen. Oh and working hard may just be going easy when you are advised and not ‘that little bit too hard’. Which for some is ‘hard work’ 🙂

As Tim Grover the athletic trainer used by Michael Jordan (and many elite NBA players) said, it requires no talent, no special genetics, or any skill whatsoever to show up, work hard, and listen.”

Do those things and things usually work out pretty good.

Ultra Running Plan Resources

Below you’ll find all the supporting documents and resources to help you on your journey towards your races and running adventures. 

If you have any questions regarding the plans please email me at kristian (at) endurancespecific.com. 

Intuitive Intensity Guidelines

Trigger Point Massage – Ultimate 6

The Daily Reset 

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Stretching and Yoga Options

Daily Nutrition & Hydration (getting updated)

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