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"Kristian has been a guide to achieving my athletic and mental strength goals. His training plan allowed me to run at constant pace my 110km from Squamish to Pemberton, in 12h30 without any pain. The trainning load was perfect. He is the only one who made me understand that adjusting my energy and speed in training will make me stronger when racing. I am filled with gratitude for the work you have done for me. Thank you very much Kristan"
Maude Cyr
Pemberton, Canada

The Endurance Specific Methodology - It Simply Works.

Over the last 16 years we’ve helped hundreds of endurance athletes around the world achieve and even greatly surpass their goals using our tried and tested coaching and training methods. 

We have the results for our athletes and ourselves. 

A Simple yet Comprehensive Approach

Our training plans include everything you need and nothing you don’t in an easy to understand and apply way. The plans include your daily schedule, strength, body maintenance, how to videos, nutrition guides, and more.


We get it, even though we make these plans as simple to understand and apply as possible. Sometimes you have questions. We are here to help because we too are invested in your success. We provide you with a support email address.

Endurance Specific 100m | 100k Ultra Plan

Intermediate | Advanced | Beginner Ultra Plan

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When you click the Buy Now button you will get to choose which plan you need. Either 100 mile or 100 kilometer, and we have First Timer / Beginner and Intermediate / Advanced options.

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A Proven Ultra Training Plan Used by Busy Athletes Smashing Their Personal Bests. Choose from our First time beginner plans or intermediate-advanced plans in either 100 mile or 100 kilometer flavours. 

Endurance Specific 100m | 100k Ultra Plan

Intermediate | Advanced | Beginner Ultra Plan

Billing Address
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Once you purchase the Endurance Specific 100M|100K Trail Running plan, you’ll be sent to a page with all the information you need to get set up with the plan. You’ll also get an email from us shortly after. Once you purchase this plan you have access to it forever. 

For specific questions about this training plan, or to send us your success story email us at kristian@endurancespecific.com