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A Proven Ultra Training Plan Used by Busy Athletes Smashing Their Personal Bests. Choose from our First time beginner plans or intermediate-advanced plans in either 100 mile or 100 kilometer flavours. 


Endurance Specific 100m | 100k Ultra Plan

Intermediate | Advanced | Beginner Ultra Plan

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For our 100 Mile, 100 Kilometer plans, there is an assumption that you are not starting from zero. If you are, we highly recommend you use our 8 week ‘Run Anything Prep Plan’ that will get you ready to undertake this plan.

This plan starts with focusing on further developing your aerobic system and allowing your soft tissue to develop the resiliency they need to handle the demands you place upon them.

Heart and lungs develop quicker than our soft tissue and that is a cause of niggles and full blown injuries when they aren’t yet prepared.

By following this program and the supplemental body maintenance techniques and nutrition/hydration practices we advise it will all help develop the durability you need to race well but also improve your overall health.

We develop the training routine over these opening weeks. While sessions change, and progress throughout your training over this plan, there is a significant amount of repetition. The key is not to under value the role of repetition. It helps with the acquisition of motor skills, the ability to keep form under duress and allows you to focus on the training and dilute the distractions (noise).

The simple rules are show up, work hard and listen. Oh and working ‘hard’ may just be going easy when you are advised and not ‘that little bit too hard’. Which for some is ‘hard work’ 🙂

As Tim Grover the athletic trainer used by Michael Jordan (and many elite NBA players) said, it requires no talent, no special genetics, or any skill whatsoever to show up, work hard, and listen.”

Do those things and things usually work out pretty good.

With our Endurance Specific methods you’ll see:

  • Better speed, strength, power, and endurance
  • Better results 
  • Better recovery and therefore better health

You’ll learn:

  • How to intuitively understand your effort level and what your body is telling you each day.
  • How to objectively tell if you need rest or if it’s your body playing tricks on you and sabotaging your consistency.
  • The real benefits of specific strength training for running, It’s different than what you’re thinking.
  • How to Recover quickly and effectively
  • How to fuel your body so that it performs and doesn’t set you up in a chronic state of inflammation
  • The real rules or race day and how to avoid many of the typical race crushing mistakes athletes make
  • The key aspects of proper preparation for ultra running events.
  • The principles for long session fuelling and a strategy that ensures you turn up on race day with it second nature
  • The essentials things to turn up in race week relaxed and ready to not only race but enjoy the experience and not be stressed
  • All the race day insider tips so you can perform at your best

This is a complete ‘plug and play’ solution. Here’s what you get:

20 weeks of highly specific and targeted training that takes you from now to your race and puts you in your best ever shape to realize your goals. This plan ensures you develop the specific skills needed to run well in ultra races. 

Note: Results obviously do vary by individual. To ensure you get the maximum results of our plans, you need to read and follow all the directions/advice. The results achieved will be directly related to the effort you invest. For example- if you just follow the plan you’ll do well, but if you follow the plan and are ‘there’ in training with full focus and bring the required efforts (that means the easy stuff is just if not more important as the harder efforts) you’ll achieve much more. The same can be said with regards to how you fuel and look after your body again follow the advice and you’ll be in a much better position to truly execute a phenomenal race on race day. 

For even greater help achieving your goals we recommend signing up to our weekly Endurance Specific Newsletter that simply gives you No BS content on becoming a great endurance athlete. You can sign up here.

This guide shows you how to develop or should I say redevelop the important aspect of intensity based off of your bodies signals. These intensities levels are easy to understand and don’t leave you confused or worried. 

This is where I give you guidelines on developing a daily nutrition and hydration schedule that will build upon your health and performances. What we fuel our bodies is what makes them perform. If we put garbage in, we get garbage out. Then there’s hydration and what I’ve seen over the last 16 years of coaching is that athletes are typically dehydrated and that leads to injuries and sub optimal performances. Proper hydration is more than just sucking down water. 

Strength and core training is important yet neglected. Yes we strength train to build strength, but to also develop a resilient body that wards off injury and gives us a platform to leverage strength, power and speed from. This helps improve recovery from our aerobic endurance sessions.

I have made it easy for you. Just click the links within the plan and you’ll be taken to a video library of each exercise where I show you how to do the exercises.

This guide gives you strategies that will help you recover quickly and more optimally from your training sessions. It also contains how-to pictures on self myofascial release (self massage).

There are also video links to yoga and stretching sessions. 

Body maintenance and quick recovery is a key to optimal health and performance.

This document goes through one of the most key aspects of your preparation for your Ultra event. That is practicing nutrition. It is crucial that your race day fuelling strategy for the most part be practiced in the lead up to your big day so we ensure you have this part down! You want it second nature by race day.

Turn up to Race week relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience. This guide covers all the logistics of race week, travel, checklists and so on. It also contains our Race Day ‘Rules’ and Tips to ensure you’ll execute to the best of your ability. 

You’ll be in great shape when you have followed this ES Training plan and the important guidelines contained within. 

Endurance Specific 100m | 100k Ultra Plan

Intermediate | Advanced | Beginner Ultra Plan

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Once you purchase the plan, you’ll be provided with a HOW TO get the plan into your training peaks account. You’ll then be able to apply this plan whenever you see fit. 

For specific questions about this training plan, or to send us your success story email us at kristian@endurancespecific.com