Endurance Specific Coaching is all about helping you build an all-round healthy and high-performing body and mind. We have 17 years of real-world experience of what works and a knack for keeping complicated things simple. 

Endurance Specific Coaching makes clear exactly what you need to be doing, when you need to do it and how so that any new or seasoned endurance athlete can reach their health and performance goals, regardless of current fitness, income and life circumstances. 

Together We create your best times

By training smartly and consistently with your life circumstances in mind. Our endurance training process allows you to not only have fun, but to develop the physical and mental resilience needed. We do this via intelligent endurance training. We use simple yet specific strength training, while following sound nutritional guidelines and recovery methods all of which help you achieve success in your events and importantly thrive in life.

What we offer

Who we are

Endurance Specific is the husband & wife team of Kristian Manietta & Charlotte Paul, with deep roots in endurance sports and coaching. What started back in 2006 as TriSpecific and evolved into Endurance Specific after moving from the triathlon mecca of the sunshine coast beaches of Australia to the mountains of Whistler, Canada in 2014 and became heavily involved in other endurance sports.

Our coaching focuses on Ironman and 70.3  triathlons, Off road triathlons (XTERRA), trail and ultra running. 

We coach and train ourselves for both races and adventures. 

Because for us THE EVENT IS LIFE.

When we train for life, our fitness, strength and our overall health will allow us to seize opportunities that life presents.

More than that it allows us to keep playing, with our kids, grandkids, friends and family. 

And that’s what it’s ultimately about.

When we make consistent training a sustainable part of our lifestyles, we don’t need big builds to events that can suck time from family, friends and work life. We are always working the foundations of physical and mental resilience. We help create a body and mind that we can leverage at shorter notice for our big races or adventures. A body and mind that are strong and will go fast on demand.

The Endurance Specific training process allows us to not only have fun, but develop robustness of soft tissue, cardiac fitness and strength. 

With that The Event is Life is about being an Athlete for Life.

It’s about being ALLERGICTOAVERAGE and the real fight against mediocrity. 

That is how we can help you here at Endurance Specific.

We work with complete beginners through to seasoned athletes. 

Our methods work for everyone, but will be personalized to meet your experience, goals and life circumstances.

Our Journey

We were once beginners too. Charlotte started triathlon at the age of 29 and simply followed her coach and did what she was told. She qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona in her first Ironman. Just a year later she took over 30 minutes off her Ironman triathlon time, going sub 10 (in part to the whiteboard method), and finishing in the top 10 females overall, in the highly competitive Ironman Australia. She would go on to race professionally, win Ironman and 70.3 titles with a PR of 9:00:50 and an 11th place pro finish in Kona. 

It would take me a lot longer to crack the code to go fast enough to qualify for Kona. What can I say? I was 25 year old with an ego that got in the way and I was in a rush! But after 5 years of doing and refining, I ultimately went from 11 hours 27 to 8 hours 57 and won my age group at Ironman Western Australia. That journey makes me the coach I am today, and I wouldn’t change that experience for the world. 

These days I love ultra trail running with my fastest 100 miler being just under 19 hours. But I fit as much into life as I can, also skiing, hunting and riding MTB’s and Motos with our son. Charlotte loves trail running and being strong and healthy for life’s adventures. 

You are here because you want to perform
you want to thrive & not simply survive.

You are time poor
& wondering how you can fit it all in?

Getting the results you want seems confusing with all the conflicting information and advice out there and a lot harder and slower than you thought.

Then Endurance Specific Can Help You!

We’ve been exactly where you are.
We know the pain you’re experiencing & more importantly,
we know exactly how to help you get unstuck & maintain forward momentum.

IF WE CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU And we want to be the coaches that help you.

Here’s some of the ways that we can do that


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